November 23, 2014 CELEBRATION OF NEW MUSIC FOR HARP Première Concert 

One of the missions of the American Harp Society is to encourage composition of quality new music for harp, and to that end the Los Angeles Chapter (with a grant from the American Harp Society) held a Composition Competition in 2014 for new pieces for solo pedal harp.  We received many submissions from composers all over the country.  In a blind judging (the jury did not know the identities of any of the composers), 3 prize winners and 3 honorable mentions were chosen.  The prize winning compositions and two of the honorable mentions were beautifully performed to an appreciative audience on November 23, 2014 at Thayer Hall in the Colburn School of Performing Arts in downtown Los Angeles. (The jury was comprised of composers, music professors, and harpists, most wearing several hats: Stephanie Bennett, Ellie Choate, Brad Hufft, Karl Snider, and Ken Walicki.)

The program:  
THIRD HONORABLE MENTION: The Basin by Ryan Rost, performed by Taylor Censporano
SECOND HONORABLE MENTION: Bird of Paradise by David Lefkowitz (was not performed)
FIRST HONORABLE MENTION: Rio de Los Angeles by Robert Litton, performed by Allison Allport
THIRD PLACE: January 15, 1947 by Dan Redfeld, performed by Alison Bjorkedal
SECOND PLACE: Starlight will shine like Halos when sinking in the deep, deep sea... by Max Wanderman, performed by Jillian Risigari-Gai
FIRST PLACE: One-Winged Fight by Liza Wallace, performed by Liza Wallace


First-prize winning composer Liza Wallace performs her own composition, One-Winged Flight.


Composers, performers and jurists celebrate after the concert. L to R: Karl Snider (seated), David Lefkowitz, Taylor Censporano, Jillian Risigari-Gai, Max Wanderman, Dan Redfeld (kneeling), Liza Wallace, Alison Bjorkedal, Allison Allport, Stephanie Bennett, Ken Walicki, Brad Hufft, Ellie Choate. (Not pictured: composers Ryan Rost & Robert Litton.)