Congratulations to the outstanding young students who auditioned for this year's Valeria Finzi Memorial Scholarships!

Congratulations also to their families and their harp teachers, who guide them along their harpistic paths.

Auditions (organized by AHS-LA 2nd VP and Education Chair Stephanie Osborne) were held Sunday afternoon, April 22, at the First Baptist Church in Pasadena.

The outstanding students selected to receive scholarships to assist with their harp-related goals are:

Charis Bergey, $1000 scholarship and $100 Harp in LA Award for Outstanding Musicality.

Antoine Angelastro, $500 scholarship.

Grace Hong, $250 scholarship.

Joshua Ho, $250 scholarship. 

The chapter wishes to thank the three adjudicators who devoted their afternoon to listening and deliberating: harpist Stephanie Bennett, conductor Dr. Stephen Tucker, and harpist Dr. Vanessa Sheldon.


Above: Adjudicators Stephanie Bennett, Dr. Stephen Tucker, Dr. Vanessa Sheldon.


Above: AHS-LA 2nd VP and Education Chair Stephanie Osborne with adjudicator Dr. Vanessa Sheldon, whose first harp teacher was Stephanie Osborne and who is a former Valeria Finzi scholarship recipient.