On Sunday, May 1, 2016, members and guests gathered for the festive "Spring Fling" which annually raises funds for the Valeria Finzi Memorial Scholarships, while honoring the current year's scholarship recipients, who entertain music-lovers with performances, followed by a performance by a guest artist! This year's Spring Fling was an elegant Pre-Mother's Day Tea, held at the sunny Glendale home of board member Alison Bjorkedal and Phil Yao. The AHS-LA board congratulates the talented young people, and would like to thank the local professional harpists who donated their original CDs and sheet music for the raffle baskets: Allison Allport, Cynthia Artish, Paul Baker, Stephanie Bennett, Alison Bjorkedal, Ellie Choate, Elaine Litster and Stephanie Osborne; as well as Harp in LA and Pacific Harps, who donated additional awards for the talented young musicians. 

16-05-01 Finzi recipients

Above: 2016 Finzi scholarship recipients Claire Elias, Emily Linlo, Annette Lee, Julianne Jimenez and Erin Kim accept their awards.

16-05-01 Claire Elias 16-05-01 Emily Linlo      
Claire Elias in concert.  Emily Linlo      
16-05-01 Julianne Jimenez 16-05-01 Erin Kim      
Julianne Jimenez Erin Kim      

16-05-01 Annette Lee

Annette Lee 

16-05-01 listening

Above: Guests enjoy the performances.  

16-05-01 Elaine L

Above: Elaine Litster introduces a performance by the Los Angeles Harp Ensemble. 

16-05-01 Los Angeles Harp Ensemble

Above: AHS-LA president Allison Allport listens to a performance by the Los Angeles Harp Ensemble. At harps Left to Right: Elaine Litster, Hee Jin Yoon, Jessica Brizuela, and Carolyn Sykes. 

16-05-01 Alison B

Above: Hostess Alison Bjorkedal serves lemonade and ice tea. 

16-05-01 delightful treats

Delightful treats to enjoy with tea! 

16-05-01 Daniel raffle

Above: Daniel Ong, who was an Honorable Mention and Pacific Harps Award winner at the scholarship auditions, wins a gift basket in the raffle, being presented to him by AHS-LA president Allison Allport.  

16-05-01 Linda-Rose Erin

Above: AHS-LA First Vice President Linda-Rose Hembreiker with her student, Finzi Scholarship recipient Erin Kim. 

Other recent Spring Flings: 2015,   2014,  2013,  2012,  2011,  2010


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