On November 24, 2019, thirteen students (from grade-school to adult) shared their talents with an appreciative audience at the Walkers' residence in San Marino.  

Congratulations to all the students on their achievements, and to their supportive families!

Students of harp teachers Allison Allport, Elizabeth Huston, Stephanie Bennett, Paul Baker, Alison Bjorkedal, JoAnn Turovsky, and Hee Jin Yoon performed. 

2019 11 24 victoria huang

Above: Victoria Huang.

2019 11 24 luciana melo

Above: Luciana Melo (R) performs a duet with her teacher, Elizabeth Huston. 

2019 11 24 robin yang

Above: Robin Yang.

2019 11 24 kana ishida

Above: Kana Ishida. 

2019 11 24 ashley walker

Above: Ashley Walker.

2019 11 24 regina wang

Above: Regina Yang.

2019 11 24 audrey tomlin

Above: Audrey Tomlin. 

2019 11 24 henriette lippsmith

Above: Henriette Lippsmith.

2019 11 24 mia safdie

Above: Mia Safdie. 

2019 11 24 joshua ho

Above: Joshua Ho. 

2019 11 24 felice chen

Above: Felice Chen. 

2019 11 24 amber pedersen

Above: Amber Pedersen. 

2019 11 24 nancy crisostomo

Above: Nancy Crisostomo. 

2019 11 24 victoria allison

Above: at the reception, Victoria Huang celebrates with a cookie. With her teacher, Allison Allport. 



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